Welcome To KiMar Keeshond
Welcome To KiMar Keeshonden
Breed Information
(pronounced kays-hawnd)

The Keeshonden (plural of Keeshond) originated from Holland, where they were used as Dutch    
barge dogs.  The breed is best known for being an excellent family companion.  The breed             
thrives on human companionship and they love "their humans".  The Keeshond gets along well          
with other animals and loves children (but the children need to be taught the proper way of          
handling puppies and dogs).

The Keeshond is very intelligent and are known for their skills in agility and obedience.

The Keeshond is a medium-sized breed that weighs approximately 30-40 pounds and whose           
ideal height at the shoulders is 18" for males and 17" for females.

One of the Keeshond's  most attractive feature is their profuse and thick coat.  They are a        
double-coated breed.  They have a fox-like face with "spectacle" markings around their dark       
eyes.  A plumed tail well curled over their back.

The Keeshond seldom needs bathing if kept clean and well-groomed with a weekly grooming          
session.  A healthy Keeshond has no doggy odor and is an excellent indoor house pet.

They are a member of the AKC-- Non-Sporting Group.